Content is the essence of your blog, where are the ideas, opinions and knowledge you want to convey. To help you organize and enhance them we have collected more than 30 plugins for WordPress blog posts.

These plugins perform very different tasks and surely more than one will suit the needs of your content and your readers.

Plugins for WordPress posts

Administration and design

Disable Gutenberg – Disable the Gutenberg editor so that you can use the classic editor.

Duplicate Post – Got a successful post? This simple plugin allows you to duplicate that post to use as a template and replicate its success.

Rank Math – SEO Plugin for WordPress – Improve the SEO of your posts with this plugin that will evaluate how well optimized your content is for search engines and give you recommendations. Simple to use and very complete even in its free version.

Polylang – Easily create a version in another language or languages, with the right structure and optimized for search engines.

Advanced Custom Fields – Add meta information through custom fields to display it in a structured way in your posts. The number of uses of this plugin is very large.

WordPress Popular Posts – Plugin to display the most popular posts in a widget. Simple and effective.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) – This is a veteran plugin and very well developed to display a list of related posts and keep your readers on your site.

Enlighter – Customizable Syntax Highlighter – Do you use code in your posts? This plugin will display that code with aesthetic formatting to make it clearer for your readers.

Post Types Order – Tired of chronological order? Sort your posts the way you want with a simple drag and drop interface.

Inline Related Posts – This plugin will allow you to embed related posts inside the content of your post.

Tablepress – HTML tables can become a headache in the WordPress editor, this plugin comes to help you create and manage your tables.

Head, Footer and Post Injections – Add HTML content in the header and footer of your posts easily.

Rate my Post – WP Rating System – Add a rating system for your posts, with many customization options.

Easy Table of Contents – Create an index or table of contents in your posts to improve navigation and SEO.

Auto Featured Image (Auto Post Thumbnail) – Automatically uses the first image of the post as featured image. Very useful when your blog didn’t use this feature and you switch to a theme that does.

Post Type Switcher – This plugin allows you to transform any post to any of the post types that are defined in your WordPress installation.

Portfolio Post Type – This plugin creates all the structure to add your portfolio to your blog. It adds a new post type and the respective taxonomies so that they do not interfere with your blog.

Post Expirator – Allows you to add an “expiration” date to an entry so that it can be: deleted, put as a draft, changed to private, removed from a certain category, among others.


User Submitted Posts – Allow your readers to submit guest posts, including images.

Gutenberg Post Blocks – The post editor continues to grow and mature and this plugin will help you incorporate some of the basic building blocks for Gutenberg.

Revive Old Posts – If your blog already has enough content and time online, maybe it’s not a bad idea to promote on social networks those good posts published in the previous months.

Custom Post Type UI – One of the most important features of WordPress is the creation of “post types”, for example “Books”, “Movies”. But their creation is not so simple, well this plugin will help you to create and manage them from your WordPress dashboard.

Blog2Social – Publish your posts automatically on your social networks.

Newsletter – Email your posts to all your subscribers and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Favorites – Allow your readers to mark posts as favorites and create a list of them.

Post Views Counter – Add a view counter to your posts and pages and any type of post.

Broken Link Checker – Check if there are links that no longer work in all your posts so that they can be corrected.

Again, it is worth mentioning that many of these plugins can be really useful, but others are just another way to saturate your WordPress platform, select only the one or those that you really need.