Debian is one of my favorite GNU/Linux operating system distributions.

Debian is a free, stable, fast, secure and a very complete distro and its main disadvantages are that many times the latest version of some software is not in its stable repository, which does not bother me, and that it uses systemd.

Contrary to what is often said, Debian is easy to install and test from a USB stick. If you use windows, you can try this or any other GNU Linux distribution that catches your eye.

Using an “old” (2017) style transfer algorithm, a bit of Gimp and some free time, I decided to make some wallpapers about this distribution with some flavor:

Click on the image to download.

Logo de Debian con estilo tejido mapuche, Chile.

Debian logo with mapuche woven style, Chile.


Devian logo mural style “The world of today and tomorrow” by Diego Rivera.


Devian style the Mendoza Codex of Aztec culture.


Debian logo with woven style inca.


Debian style “The great wave” of Kanagawa + Pokemon.


Devian style the Bourbon Codex of Aztec culture.


Debian logo with Ghanaian fabric styling.


Devian style the Bourbon Codex of Aztec culture.


Devian acrylic painting style.


Debian inkblot style.


Debian galaxy style.

This algorithm is based on the paper “Image Style Transfer Using Convolutional Neural Networks” which gave rise to several implementations.

Currently there are several services and applications to perform style transfer, one of them is Deep Art, where I performed some style tests before applying it on my local installation (my GPU/graphics card is already quite old and therefore slow).

License CC BY-NC 4.0.