Bullets, arrows and mini icons are very useful for highlighting lists of items. There are a lot of icon collections out there, but these little pixel-based graphics have been a bit overlooked. Here is a listing of several packs of these cute little bullet, arrow and mini icons that you can download for free.

In total there are more than 2000 bullets in different colors, sizes and styles that can be used in any website or blog or can be added to word processors like Word (although I prefer Libre Office). As they are all images, they can be edited with graphic programs like Gimp and change their color and size.

Bullet / icon packs:

Websitebullets – Download icons

Viñetas de Website Bullets

Pixel Arrows – Download icons

Viñetas de Pixel Arrows

Back to PixelDownload icons

Mini iconos de Icon Joy

Bwpx.icnsDownload icons

TiniconsDownload icons

300imagesfrom1800sitesDownload icons

The Bullet Madness List – Download icons

Web Icons BrushDownload brushes

MiniPixel IconsDownload icons

Mini IconsDownload icons

The icons do not have an obvious download link you can download them by saving them as images directly. If you know of such an icon pack please leave them in the comments and if you find them useful please share this list.

Default IconsDownload icons

Mono IconsDownload icons


The use of bullets can make the list of elements clearer and more elegant. However, care should be taken not to overuse them and have them become a distraction.